Management + Vision

Jean Horn

President / Lead Designer

•Art History B.A. / UCLA
•Environmental Design B.S. / Art Center College of Design
•Institute of Classical Architecture & Art

For many homeowners, the challenge of creating an interior environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and within specific budgetary considerations can appear to be a proposition that is both complex and daunting. Questions regarding factors such as architectural style, color palette, and design continuity can add even more layers of confusion to an already baffling process. However, with the guidance of a skilled interior design professional the evolution of transforming a house into a home can be a pleasant and rewarding experience.


Established in 1994, Jean Horn Interiors has enjoyed the opportunity of bringing their expertise to numerous residential interior projects as well as the satisfaction of enabling their clients to experience a sense of clarity and understanding with the entire design mechanism.


Of primary importance is the collaboration, which begins with establishing an overall design direction, between the designer and the homeowner. Often times a homeowner may not be confident as to what might be the most appropriate stylistic approach for their project, especially when considering relevant aspects such as architectural styles and trends. Further complicating matters is that some designers only offer one specific style of design which may not always be the best option for every client. However, over the years many of Jean Horn Interiors clients have remarked that since Jean herself not only has a background and education in the traditional visual arts (Art History B.A. from UCLA) but is also a graduate of what most knowledgeable industry professionals consider to be one of the top modern design school in the world (Environmental Design B.S. from Art Center College of Design), she is uniquely qualified to function in a wide variety of genres (traditional, modern, or transitional). In other words, the project should not be about the designer, but rather it should be about a process that encompasses all of the critically important concerns of the homeowner. A process that addresses these considerations from the very beginning of the project at the design phase (stylistic conception and cohesiveness) and then continues all the way through the remainder of entire project; particularly during the production phases (construction and installation).


Consequently, from the perspective of Jean Horn Interiors, a project is most successful when it provides the homeowner with a transformative result that affirms the well regarded principle of form following function; beautiful in appearance and yet comfortable enough for both daily living and entertaining.

References available upon request.